Bell & Evans Poultry

Bell & Evans "The Excellent Chicken" is air chilled poultry raised in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Air chilling produces a tender and flavorful chicken without the added water that can dilute the natural flavor. The highest standards are adhered to at every level from the farm through production in a state of the art facility unlike any other. Ask for it by name in either Raised without Antibiotics (RWA) or Organic!

BELL & EVANS POULTRY Bulk RWA Tray Pack Available Organic Tray Pack & Bulk Available
Broilers    3 1/2 - 4 1/2 lb  X X X
Wogs    3 lb Plain, Cut up and Split X    
Trussed Wogs    3 lb X    
Bone in Breasts Whole X    
Bone in Breasts Split X X X
Boneless Skinless Split Breasts X X X
Breast Tenders X X  
Thin Sliced Boneless Breast X X  
Boneless Skinless Breast Cubes X X  
Legs  X X X
Bone in Thighs  X X X
Boneless Thighs X X X
Drumsticks X X X
Whole Wings X    
Cut Wings X X X
Livers X X X
Backs,  Necks (skinless) X    
Gizzards, Hearts X    
Organic Tray Pack
& Bulk Available
Boneless Skinless Breast Portions   4 oz     6 oz X    
Airline Breasts   8-10 oz    10-12 oz X   X
First Wing Joints X    
Fresh Chicken Sausages  Bulk & Tray Pack  X X  
Flavors - Sweet, Hot, Basil Parmesan, Rosemary, Apple, Chipotle and      Cilantro Lime X X  
FROZEN BELL & EVANS  ITEMS Retail Gluten Free Bulk 
Breaded Breast Nuggets X X X
Breaded Breast Tenders X X X
Breaded Breast Coconut Tenders X   X
Breaded Patties X X  
Breaded Patties with Mozzarella X    
Breaded Boneless Breasts X X  
Breaded Boneless Garlic Parmesan Breasts X    
Chicken Burgers X X  
Grilled Chicken Breasts* X X X
Buffalo Style Wings & BBQ Wings* X X  
IQF Frozen Organic Boneless Breast, Drums & Cut Wings X X  
Organic Grilled Boneless Breast* X X  
Bell & Evans Cornish Hens
Bell & Evans Ducks available Fresh or Frozen
Bell & Evans Duck Breast Fillets - Frozen Retail Pkg.

* Indicates fully cooked product