Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Who can purchase from Adams, Chapman?
Adams, Chapman is a Poultry Distributor located in the New Boston Food Market, Boston, MA. Our customers include manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and caterers. If you are a business owner seeking the freshest poultry for your customers, please give us a call or stop by and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff. We are here to serve you 6 days a week.

2. How do I place an order? Is there a product list available?
Orders can be placed by phone or fax or email. Our website contains the products we sell in easy to read listings. Most orders can be picked up the same day as we are receiving fresh product daily. Allow us to bring you the freshest poultry available.

3. Does Adams, Chapman offer delivery service?
Adams, Chapman Co. is a New England distributor for poultry. As such, our trucks cover Boston and surrounding towns as well as routes North and South. We do require a shipping minimum. We can also coordinate deliveries through many of the distributors we work to get you the products you need.

4. If I don’t see something listed, can I still get it from Adams, Chapman?
We can special order any item you may not see listed. Special orders generally require a bit more time. Please call us if you have a special request and we will be happy to assist you. We have relationships with many vendors carrying all types of meat and meat products. We can source the products you are looking for.

5. What does All Natural mean with respect to poultry?
Poultry labeled All Natural is poultry which has been minimally processed with no artificial ingredients added. The USDA prohibits the use of hormones in all poultry though the “No Hormones” claim is widely used with respect to poultry. The All Natural label can sometimes be confused with "All Natural Antibiotic Free" or "ABF" labeling when in fact they are quite different. The All Natural claim found on most packaging has nothing to do with how a bird is raised or what it is fed. It simply means the product is minimally processed with nothing added.

6. What is Antibiotic Free or ABF poultry? Is Raised Without Antibiotics or RWA the same?
Antibiotic Free or ABF simply means the poultry you are buying has never been administered antibiotics of any kind at any stage of its life. Antibiotics are used to keep flocks disease free whether they are needed or not. Some companies are now labeling ABF product as Raised Without Antibiotics or RWA to help the consumer know just what they are purchasing. Because the birds are raised so differently than conventional birds, with plenty of room in a humane stress free environment, the birds remain healthy throughout their lives. With the widespread overuse of prescribed antibiotics, there is no need to get it in the foods we eat. Product raised in this way gives the consumer a healthy choice.

7. What is Air Chilled chicken and does it really make a difference?
Air Chilling is method for processing chicken. Conventional chicken is chilled for processing in a water chiller to which small amounts of chlorine can be added. Air Chilled poultry is never submerged in water and is chilled by traveling through chambers of cold air which additionally serves to tenderize the chicken. Because water is never a part of the process, there is no water absorbed into the chicken. That means the natural flavor of the chicken remains undiluted. Water chilled chicken can absorb from 3% to as much as 12% of water which must be listed on the packaging. Federal law allows such water retention levels for poultry.

8. Are products labeled Natural the same as Organic?
Though both products can have many of the same attributes, Organic products with respect to poultry must be fed on organic feed. This is feed which has been grown on fields without the use of pesticides and herbicides and chemical fertilizers for at least 3 years and meet the USDA’s stringent requirements for organic certification. Additionally organic feed is GMO free meaning it has not been genetically modified in any way.

9. Free to Roam vs. Free Range What is the difference?
Poultry may be labeled as Free to Roam. This means that although the birds are not allowed outside to forage, they are housed in spacious quarters allowing them to roam freely without being cramped amongst other birds. This environment is less stressful for the birds and is one of the reasons that antibiotics are not necessary. Additionally, it is seen as a safeguard against diseases such as Bird Flu as the environment is strictly controlled. Free Range birds are allowed access to an outdoor area where they may forage for a portion of the day.

10. What is the Bones and Raw Food (BARF) diet for dogs?
The BARF diet consists of feeding dogs (and cats) human grade muscle meats, bones, organ meats and eggs. It is considered a healthy way of supporting the immune system by providing the most easily assimilated nutrients which harkens back to the original diet of canines. It is widely accepted as an alternative to current feed regimes by veterinarians and breeders alike. We carry a variety of fresh and frozen items for your pets needs.

11. What does Gluten Free mean? Do you carry any Gluten Free products?
Gluten is a protein found in wheat (including kamut and spelt), barley, rye, malts and triticale. A Gluten Free product does not contain wheat or the other products listed here. Gluten Free products will be listed as such as a large population requires these products to manage Celiac Disease, an intolerance to gluten. Poultry does not contain gluten unless it is processed or breaded to include wheat flour. We carry the Bell & Evans frozen line of Gluten Free products as well as other fresh and frozen products which do not contain gluten.